Wednesday, 31 August 2016

100 days 100 blocks

Instagram is great for inspiration, community and fun, but such a distraction!

I saw the #100days100blocks tag surface and catch on, like wild fire. So I just knew I wanted to play along too. In case you haven't seen it, it's a quilt along only on Instagram and organised by Gnome Angel, Sunflower Quilting and Sweet Little Pretties. Quite simply the challenge is to sew a block a day for 100 days using Tula Pink's City Sampler book.

I have had the book for ages and aside from browsing it many times I have never done anything else with it. This was the perfect opportunity. I have also been hoarding a bundle of Reel Time fabrics by Zen Chic. So the perfect time to use some stash too.

The sew along started on August 17, so we are two weeks into it, and so far so good. Generally I have been sewing the block on the day. I am trying to stay prepared by making sure I always have the next 3 blocks cut and ready to sew. They sew up so quick, I find it's choosing the fabrics that take me the longest time! Helping me out are these mini design boards. Although, I will confess that I have actually sewn some of the blocks due to be posted around Sept 1. We move house that day and I feel the chance of sewing is pretty slim! So I have a couple of blocks either side of that day done to take some pressure off.

Here are my first 15 blocks:

I am really liking where this is going. And hoping I can keep up with the schedule.

If you are on Instagram you can follow along with my progress at createthepoint_100blocks.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hedwig -- Harry Potter QAL

Hedwig was such a great choice for one of the first blocks in this quilt along. I loved making her and the pattern, as always, was great.

And I completed her just in time for the next 2 blocks to be released today. Check out Soma's quilt along at Whims and Fancies. Thank goodness we have two months to complete the next two blocks, September always seems to be a busy month.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Hermione's bookcase -- Harry Potter QAL

It's been almost two weeks since the first two blocks of this quilt along were released, but I am finally making some progress! Just in time for the next two blocks to be released! :)

The QAL is being run by Soma at Whims and Fancies, the details can be found here, for anyone interested.

First up on my cutting board is Hermione's bookcase.

Image from Whims & Fancies

I am pulling all the fabrics from my stash for this one. With all the pieces cut up in a neat pile there seemed rather a lot!

Ready to go

This is a large block at 24" x 12". Although some pieces are quite small. That pretty little moon is only 3.5" square and made up of 31 pieces !!


The pattern has 4 pictures on the doors, and that moon is one of them. The pattern suggests fussy cutting pieces of fabric for these space. But when I saw Soma's block with the moon, hat, star and vile I just knew my collection of fabrics was not going to provide me with anything close to those.

Soma so very kindly provided some extra patterns for these pieces. And I am so thankful and touched by her generosity, they are excellent and make the block perfect.

And the final block does not disappoint! Here it is.

Hermione's bookcase

Next up is Hedwig, but I'm not sure I'll get that one finished before the next two blocks are released later this month. Because, see all those totes sitting there in my messy sewing room, they need filling!

We are moving house on September 1st , just 5 days before the kids start the new school year! Not perfect timing, and certainly not of our choosing! The joy of renting.

Off to prep Hedwig in the hope I can finish him before the move, good to have a deadline. 

Happy sewing!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Finish along - Q3

I made quite a dent in my long term list of WIPs last quarter! I finished 4 quilts and a cardigan. So I now feel justified to add some new projects to my list :)

I still have some long term WIPs that need to be completed though, so these are still on my list:

1. Double 9 patch quilt - still needs quilting

2. Dr Who - it's still just a pile of blocks, although I did add a couple more and make a bit of a plan!

3. Bright flower patch quilt

This quit has been constructed since 2012 but I decided I would hand quilt it!! I do like to hand quilt things but often smaller projects! This is not usually the first thing I think to pick up when I have time. I think I have completed 10 of the white blocks with the sunflower design below. I'm adding it to my list to remind me it is there and needs finishing, rather than leaving it hiding in the cupboard.

4. Simply colourful - this one still needs a plan

5. Camp blankets
My kids are all members of scouting and they each have a camp blanket for collecting their badges. Say their blankets are still very bare but the pile of badges is continually getting larger! I am not keen on sewing these badges onto the blankets! The kids keep pestering me to do it though, so perhaps this is the quarter I really should get it done.

And it's always good to add some new things to keep the mix interesting :)

6. V and Co Ombre 

I have this jelly roll of beautiful ombre fabrics and I love it with the essex yarn dyed in black. I have struggled to decide on a pattern I want to make, but I made a block last night that I think I might continue with.

7. Beeutiful QAL

I just couldn't resist these cute bee blocks I saw being posted on Instagram by @sweetlittlestiches. The QAL is being hosted on Moda Bake Shop website over the next few weeks. I am not sure I will make all 16, but we'll see how far I get. These are my first 2 completed blocks, which I think is block 4 and block 2 (I'm playing catch up)!

So, while my list from last quarter shrunk considerably, I seem to have added plenty more to focus on this quarter. Happy sewing everyone.

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2016 FAL

Friday, 1 July 2016

Friends for Christmas ** Finish **

I finally finished this Christmas wall hanging. I started this way back at a Christmas workshop I went to with my mum, but last year I made a concerted effort to finish constructing the blocks. I got it all together and basted in September last year. And there it sat!

I quilted it with an all over pattern of stars and loops. I just love these reindeers! Last week I finally put the finishing touches, or rather threads, to it. So now it is finished and in plenty of time for Christmas! Ha!

But I think this penguin decorating the tree is the best, perching on those parcels.

My little helper was struggling to hold this one still. This was the best snap I got before the arms gave way and she was asking if we were done :)

And here she is peeping above pleading 'are we done?'.

Another check on my finish-along quarter 2 list (here)! Yay me.

2016 FAL

Linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday!


Pattern: Lynette Andersen's Friends for Christmas
Started: November 2009 (roughly)
Finished: June 24, 2016
Quilting: Stars and loops by me.
Size: 45" x 43"

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Harry Potter

I have just been reminded about another quilt along that's happening soon. Soma at Whims and Fancies creates wonderful paper piecing patterns. If you haven't you seen her work you really should check out her website. I took part in the Doctor Who QAL a couple of years ago which was so fun and the blocks were great.

Starting towards the end of July is the Lego Harry Potter QAL and there is no doubt these blocks will be amazing too.

Go check it out. There's a chance to win some fabric too!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Beeutiful QAL

I happened across this on instagram last week and just loved them! I haven't done much embroidery for quite a while and was very drawn to the bees in these blocks! I think this is actually block 4 but I'm not always one for following along in order!

The blocks are being posted on the Moda Bake Shop and you can follow along on Sweet Little Stitches Instagram account too.

I have two more blocks drawn out and ready for stitching. Summer officially started here today with the last day of school, so this might be the perfect project for carrying around with me.

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Plus Quilt ** Finish **

I finally finished this one! I blogged about the construction of this one is here and just noticed that it has been sat basted and ready for quilting for nearly 9 months!! Oops. I could blame lack of quilting inspiration, but really I think life and new projects got in the way!

I chose to do some wavy line quilting in a kind of random grid like pattern, with randomly placed circles between the lines. 

The quilting took me forever, good job it was a relatively small quilt. But I love how it turned out.

I had to commandeer my middle child to help me take pictures. The smallest child was not tall enough, although she did try! They both complained it hurt their arms holding them at this angle. So I had to be real quick with my pictures!

And of course it was double sided to make the most of the left over fabric.

This was another one of my Finish-Along for this quarter (here).  I'm enjoying ticking these off!

2016 FAL

Pattern: Random pluses
Quilting: Free motion wavy lines and circles, by me
Fabric: Denyse Schmidt and Kona solids
Size: 44.5" x 59" 
Started: July 2015
Finished: June 21, 2016